for T-Slot Aluminum

80/20 T-slotted aluminum bars can be used to make frames for a variety of applications:

Display Booths for
Exhibits, Lobbies & Trade Shows

80/20 is great for trade show displays.

80/20 used for trade show booth

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble, and professional looking.
  • Quick I&D (can be installed and dismantled on the spot).
  • Saves time and lowers your freight bill.
  • 80/20 has a variety of panels & accessories that allow you to achieve the look you desire.

The flexibility of T-Slotted extrusions allow you to:

  • Safely show your products and processes to potential customers.
  • Build your enclosure around your machine.
  • Provide a clean-looking display.
  • Give your display a unique look that is sure to increase traffic through your booth.

Put a finishing touch on your display by using 80/20′s quarter round extrusions.

  • Available in both Fractional and Metric sizes.
  • Rounded edge for safety and aesthetics.
  • Two T-Slots available for modularity.
  • What better way to introduce your product to new customers than with a kiosk that can be placed in airports, shopping malls, or lobbies.

Sign and picture frames are just another example of how versatile 80/20 can be.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Displays informational or promotional flyers.
  • Literature can be easily accessed by visiting customers.

A multi-level literature rack made of 80/ 20.

  • Give your customers a great first impression.
  • Custom built to meet the needs of your receptionist.
  • Build in extra storage space by creating sliding doors out of 80/20 panels.

Build your office greeter’s desk out of 80/20.

  • Give your customers an impression of strength & modern appeal.
  • Designed to meet your needs.
  • Build in extra storage space by creating sliding doors out of 80/20 panels.