for T-Slot Aluminum

80/20 T-slotted aluminum bars can be used to make frames for a variety of applications:

Machine Guards
& Enclosures

80/20 solves all of your machine guarding & enclosures problems by:

custom machine guard

  • Allowing you to design your own machine guard.
  • We supply the BOM, all the parts, then you assemble.
  • You now have a modular, versatile, adaptable, economical, and durable solution.
  • Built with the highest quality extrusions, panels, meshes, and accessories in the industry.
  • Your choice of many types of wire mesh and panels, allowing you to choose the components which work best for your application.
  • We carry over 4000 parts for your guard in stock and supply services from beginning to end, top to bottom, that will make your machine guard solution easy and cost effective solution.

This application example demonstrates an innovative design to guard and enclose an industrial automation project. OSHA-compliant guarding and enclosures will not only keep your employees safe and out of harms way while working, but they also add a professional and quality aesthetic appeal to any machine or environment they are applied.