for T-Slot Aluminum

80/20 T-slotted aluminum bars can be used to make frames for a variety of applications:

Machine Tooling

80/20 takes machine tooling to the next level of modularity.

build a machine or tool fixture

  • Our profiles and accessories allow you to build as large or as strong of a fixture as you need.
  • Design with a level of flexibility that is not currently available in the market today.
  • Design your own parts and have our custom fabrication department machine them for you.

T-Slotted profiles on your projects give you an advantage over the costly fabrication time of welded steel.

  • Any tool or machine can be quickly and effectively mounted to 80/20 profiles.
  • Easy use reduces down time and puts more money in your pocket.

With the flexibility of the 80/20 product line, endless jig and fixture possibilities are available.

  • Quickly change the setup of your current tooling fixtures with minimal effort.
  • One of your fixtures can even fit several different machines or parts.