for T-Slot Aluminum

80/20 T-slotted aluminum bars can be used to make frames for a variety of applications:

Office Furniture
with T-Slot Aluminum

Keep with the 80/20 theme for your office by making modular bookshelves out of T-Slotted extrusions.

office furniture

  • Modular design for additions & changes.
  • Shelves are easily adjusted for height.
  • Easily add components & shelves.

Filing cart made of 80/20:

  • Allows information to be moved from cubicle to cubicle.
  • Can be stored under a desk.
  • Use T-Slot cover to color code your files.

80/20 Cabinets:

  • Replace messy file cabinets and flimsy wooden shelves.
  • Can be constructed out of a variety of panels and accessories to fit your needs.
  • Allow you to build colorful, clean, durable, and attractive storage space.
  • Corner cabinets give lots of storage without taking up space.
  • A personal touch with twin wall polycarbonate and black anodized extrusions.

Create a round meeting desk using 80/ 20 extrusions.

  • Easily fits into the corner of an office.
  • Assemble or disassemble with simple hand tools.
  • Black anodized extrusions add a touch of class to your meeting area.

Desks constructed of 80/20:

  • Allow you to make changes or additions to your workspace.
  • Can be designed to fit into any space.
  • Can utilize in stock laminate table tops or the desktop of your choice.
  • Easily attach workstation accessories utilizing the T- Slot.
  • Adjust the overall height or just the angle of your work surface.
  • Add a sliding keyboard tray using 80/20 linear motion components.