for T-Slot Aluminum

80/20 T-slotted aluminum bars can be used to make frames for a variety of applications:

Work Stations
with T-Slot Aluminum

Ergonomics & efficiency can be met using a work station constructed of 80/20.

work station

  • Tool hangers, AkroBins®, and linear bearings allow for quick setup changes.
  • Accommodate both your work flow and the comfort of your employees.
  • Manifold your work station frame for positive or negative pressure.

Use 80/20 to protect computer equipment on the factory floor.

  • Enclose the monitor with Alucobond®, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, or Expanded PVC.
  • Use 80/20 to mount a scanning device.
  • Easily add a keyboard tray.

Create a packing table using 80/20.

  • Shelving or Akrobins® can be conveniently placed to store supplies.
  • House a scale below the work surface by utilizing an 80/20 handle and UHMW-PE door hangers.
  • Make your packing table ergonomically correct with height adjustability.

Work Station Solutions

Whether mobile or stationary, 80/20 products can easily solve your work station challenges. 80/20 products' modular T-slot design allows easy adjustments and ergonomic designs that will compliment even the most challenging workspace problems. With 80/20's wide variety of accessories you can customize your workstation with attractive and durable drawers, pivoting arms, molded countertops and more.

Create work stations with your processes and people in mind. Meant for both industrial and office applications, our products can help you save both money and time. 80/20's T-slotted aluminum construction system allows you to mount tools, computer monitors, bar code readers, product bins and paper holders anywhere along the T-slot. Facilitate repeated tasks and decrease strain with organized and adjustable work stations from 80/20.