Black Anodized Aluminum FAQ

Q. What products are available in black?
A. The entire line is available in black.

Q. Are parts available? Will they affect the turn times?
A. Yes, every Aluminum part in the catalog is available in black. Black Anodized orders lead time is usually increased by 6-10 days.

Q. If you cut and machine my bars after anodizing won’t the ends of the bars be exposed?
A. Yes. Exposed mill finished aluminum at machining locations and cut ends. This is easily remedied by covering the ends with a black endcap. Black touch marker for other areas.

Q. What profiles are available as a stock item?
A. Our most popular bars: 1010-BLACK, 1020-BLACK, 2020-BLACK, 1515-BLACK, 1 530-BLACK, 3030-BLACK, 1515-LITE-BLACK 1530-LITE-BLACK.

Q. If you anodize parts and bars separately will there be color variation?
A. Yes. Due to the nature of the anodizing process, parts can slightly vary in black color within the same batch, and will vary in sheen between processes. Rest assured the difference becomes difficult to distinguish even at an arm’s length. We use two different anodize processes for our black anodize line, organic anodize process for our parts, and two step architectural anodization process for our bars.

Parts will have a slightly higher gloss finish than our stock black bars. Architecural bars have a higher color retention in direct UV light where as organic processed parts are not meant for outdoor applications. Both processes meet Military Spec 8625.

Black Aluminum Parts