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Quick Frame FAQ

Q. What is the cut to length tolerance for Quick Frame profiles?
A. +/-.015"

Q. What are the stock lengths for Quick Frame profiles?
A. All Quick Frame profiles are available in 145" lengths

Q. What are the proper tools needed to assemble Quick Frame projects?
A. Soft Face Mallets work great for driving the nylon connectors into the Quick Frame profiles.

Q. How many different Quick Frame profiles are available?
A. There are seven different Quick Frame profiles with various flange configurations available.

Q. What is the alloy and finish of the HT profiles?
A. Quick Frame profiles are extruded from 6105-T5 Aluminum and have a clear 204-R1 anodized finish.

Q. What are the material specifications for the plastic connectors?
A. Quick Frame corners are injection molded Nylon.

Quick Frame profiles are a simple, economical solution for light-duty framing needs. Quick Frame is a boltless construction system that requires only nylon connectors and a mallet for assembly. Quick Frame profiles gives you opportunities to quickly build cabinets, enclosures, tables, displays, portable racks and much more.

Quick Frame Standard Concept

The heart of the Quick Frame Series is the tough, molded nylon corner connectors that provide a variety of joining options.

Quick Frame Intro

Economy and simplicity are the words that come to mind when describing this versatile product. Quick Frame does exactly what the name implies: it quickly becomes modular shelving, furniture, machine guards, tank covers, displays, carts – the list goes on and on.

Quick Frame assembly is easy. Simply cut the tube to length and hammer the tough nylon corners into the tube ends.

Quick Frame

Lighter in weight than our T-slotted profile, Quick Frame is more cost effective, and requires fewer parts and tools for assembly.

Add 1" square aluminum tube, panel cladding sections, plastic panels, wire mesh, hinges, handles, wheels and many other accessories that fit our 1010 extrusions, and you have Quick Frame!